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HSE Consulting Services

North Blaze provides 'Occupational Health and Safety' (OHS) consultation services which includes strategised information-sharing and discussion with the objective of gaining understanding and agreement between all parties involved with 'Work Health Safety' (WHS) issues. We are committed to maintaining dynamic client working relationships with the aim of evaluating, customising and continuously improving OHS standards to the highest priority.


Our services are not limited to:

  • Developing a systematic approach on resolving OHS issues

  • Managing WHS information and relationships

  • Identifying hazards, assessing - managing risks, and minimising controlled risks

  • Managing hazards associated with plant

  • Controlling ergonomical risks

  • How to effectively monitor potential workplace hazards

  • Auditing and evaluating WHS activities

  • Dealing with emergencies

  • Notifying, reporting and investigating incidents

  • Compensating injured workers and managing injuries

  • Promoting a health and safety culture

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