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Turbine Meters

A matter of course.

All turbine meters we offer are for liquids. Therefor they are all helical. Of course.


Primary Application






TZN Threaded

Custody transfer and/or demanding applications

Process Meter

Truck and wagon loading

Mobile, autonomous field refuelling 

Automotive, laboratory and process

Nominal linearity turn down 10:1, higher on request.

Nominal repeatibility turn down 30:1

TZN High Accuracy

We have provided:

  • Turbine meters with linearity ±0.15% with turndown ratio of 18:1 and repeatability of ±0.02%

  • Multi-viscosity master meters

  • Up to 3 turbine meters with interchangeable internal cartridges having the same meter factors within ±0.25% and turndown ratio of 10:1

  • Turbine meters for applications with:

        - Shortened upstream straight lengths

        - High sand content

        - High water content

        - Extremely low pressure drop requirements

  • Multi-viscosity duty meters

  • A number of replacements of other brands 

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TLM No Straight Piping Needed

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